Contacting us

If you have further questions or concerns, please let us know about them. Don't let the job's size sway you from asking, that's why we're here! We will help you figure out the best way to set up your section of the site in order to present your information in the easiest to understand way.

Tell us your contact information (name and address, email address, phone number[s]), name of the non-profit group with proof of non profit status [i.e.(501(c)(3) tax exempt entity copy], physical address (you must serve/be located in Chenango County). (Other eligible entities, not listed in Publication 78, may show other documentation.) Woollybear Web reserves the right to select groups it feels would be the most beneficial to Chenango County and the most deserving of this space.

Once approved, you will need to provide Woollybear with content. Tell what you do, why you do it, provide pictures (graphics/logos), schedules of meetings, contact information, or what ever pertains to the purpose of your organization. Woollybear Web will not be resposible for taking pictures, making logos, or writing text, although we may offer assistance if the need arises.


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